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Kevan Jenson: As If, A Pragmatic Conversation About Mysticism

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As If, A Pragmatic Conversation About Mysticism

To allow mysticism into our contemporary lives the phenomenological tool of epoché or “bracketing” is essential. We must bracket out our skepticism and act “as if” a mystic event can come to fruition in what we currently label “Reality.”

In this talk we will explore the content and form of the mysticism practiced in Berkeley by Robert Duncan and Jess, and link it to a wider cultural flow of mystical ideas and “spirits” into California Consciousness.

Kevan Jenson will open the discussion by performing an “As If” ritual with the night’s congregants at Gibson Art Projects: we will draw a group I Ching hexagram and use the images and strategies from that specific consultation to motivate and condense our ruminations.

Please join us on Thursday, June 6 at 7:00pm at the Pauline Kael - Jess Murals House to listen and participate with us. Please RSVP to Reuben or Paris.


Kevan spent nine years working with James Hillman on a project about Marcel Duchamp. Kevan studied with legendary Berkeley artist Harold Paris, and is a close friend and confidant of Peter Selz. Kevan completed an interdisciplinary degree in 2012 at UC Berkeley on “The Artist and The Urban Imagination.” He produces films for German theorist and filmmaker Hito Steyerl, includingDrill, opening at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC this June. Gibson Art Projects put up a solo booth of Kevan’s smoke paintings at Pulse Art Fair in Miami Beach this past December.  Kevan is married to Maria Jenson (of SOMARTS); their son Marcel attends public school in Berkeley.